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Application Developer
Digi Berhad

Rockwills International Group 

IBM Malaysia Berhad

Maybank Berhad

Seagate Malaysia Berhad


3 Tips To Nail That Interview

  1. Showing your strength. When embarking on a job search in today’s tough times, many people still stick to refining their résumés and honing their people skills. Experience is good. Strong interpersonal skills are great. Integrity matters. But the thing that makes all the difference today is presenting yourself as a problem solver.

  2. Research the industry and your prospective employer. Study the company background, customers, suppliers, and business partners within the company. Then use all the background information you’ve gathered to answer on interview.

  3. Show own passions and talents to the employer’s challenges, you have an opening and a real opportunity. This research involves so much time and effort that only one in ten people will do it. But I don’t know anyone who has done the hard work who hasn’t been hired.

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